Artist Bio

Mike Fenton

Mike Fenton is an oil painter and watercolorist in an impressionistic style. He was inspired as a child by his aunt who bought him an artist kit of professional pencils, paints, pads, and canvases. After graduating high school, and serving his country in the navy, Mike attended the University of Colorado as an art and education major. Beyond his academic education, Mike’s career choices included decorative painter, muralist, and technical artist which fed his creativity while supporting his family. Simultaneously with his career, the artist continued producing oil paintings, drawings in graphite and charcoal in the American Western genre in a style similar to Charles Marion Russell. His watercolors are impressionistic and influenced by teacher Charles Reid, an American watercolorist, emphasizing ‘loose’ painting style and mixing paint colors on the paper creating flow and transparency. Mike’s mastery using drawing materials is explorative and dynamic using a variety of line, shading, marks, and washes. He is particularly skilled at depicting people in his art.

The artwork by Michael ‘Mike’ Fenton can be viewed and purchased at his website He also posts samples of his work on facebook as Michael Fenton and on instragram as oreo1950.

Here is a sample of one watercolor by Mike.


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