Being Thankful

Years ago, I attended a workshop from a fellow writer about writing biographies which emphasized that anyone can do it. It’s been stewing in my mind, shelved because my life has not been heroic, or tragic, or famous or exceedingly notable. What did I have to write about? Who would care? Then a few years ago, my mother passed away at the age of 94. My dear father had died about thirty-two years previous. After my mom died, I came up with an idea to make a memory book about her for my children. My children could not remember their grandfather and they had only visited their grandmother a few times, as she lived across the United States from us.

I want to share my remembrances with my children and grandchildren. Most of my memories of them are good ones. As I pick through photographs, I recall stories my dad and mom told me about their childhoods and their lives as a couple before I was born. I am greatful for loving parents and the blessings bestowed on me because of their wise influences. This year 2020, under volunteer house arrest because of the Covid 19 Corona virus, the memory book idea moved to a high priority. Who knows how long I have to complete them (Who knows if I will be struck down?)

Okay, enough of that dismal talk. So here is my goal — make 4 memory books using a bookmaking kit, photographs, and mixed media. I will make one each about my mom for my two children and one each about my father for my two children.

  • Phase 1 – Write brief bio
  • Phase 2 – Gather materials, ideas (photos, momentos, archived documents, life events (news, documents, etc.)
  • Phase 3 – Map out design. I’m here.
  • Phase 4 – Explore media techniques. I’ve been doing this.
  • Phase 5 – Design pages
  • Phase 6 – Compile pages into book form and attach book covers.
book covers and book kit materials

I bought specialty paper for the covers and bookmaking kits from Dick Blick art supply store.

Gelli Arts Plate Package

Kudos to Gelli Arts, LLC. for their helpful demo videos on using the gel plate. It was inspirational

Gell Print journal page

I used Gelli Arts printing plate 8″x10″ and stencils from Stencil Girl Products to make this journal page background.

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